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When I grow up I want to be a...

When I grow up I want to be a...

A doctor, firefighter, dinosaur, astronaut, mammy, daddy, I don't know.... For a child there are endless possibilities for this sentence and it can become overwhelming. There are so many answers to such a big question! From birth children begin building a solid foundation of skills through play which they continue to develop and refine throughout their lives.

Don't forget you can keep play simple

An easy play set up such as pasta shapes in a small container with some spoons or tweezers and an empty bowl. As your child transfers, explores and moves the pasta they are developing their dexterity, fine motor movements, hand-eye-coordination and spatial awareness. All of these skills they are learning and building upon can be used when they are a doctor.

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What about water play? 

All you need is a large container (you could add our circular tray), test tubes and droppers or spoons. While playing your child can build on their prediction skills (how many droppers does it take to fill a test tube), and their critical thinking skills (what will happen if I don't stop putting water in the test tube when it's full?), just like a scientist!

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Role play is a tool children can use to make sense of their thoughts, ideas and feelings, while they act out their favourite role! Have you been to the shop recently? the doctors office? a relatives house? Seen a movie about space? Dinosaurs? Acting out scenarios at home gives children the freedom to act out any role in a safe and controlled environment.

Why wait until you grow up, let’s try now!!





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