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Tickit Sensory Wooden Blocks

The Best Toys For One, Two and Three Year Olds

Finding developmentally appropriate toys for 1 to 3-year-olds can be challenging especially when you want something that will keep up with their fast-moving interests and abilities.

Discovery Playtime has spent many years building its knowledge base and range of expertise when it comes to toys for kids. So, if you’re looking to enhance a certain skill or just want to get your child a treat, here are all the age-appropriate toys our experts recommend. 

All of our toys are designed to grow with your children, meaning these products are an investment in their long-term development.

Toys for One Year Olds

They may not fully understand what’s going on yet but age one is perhaps, the most precious age of all. We’ve picked four age-appropriate toys for 1-year-olds that will result in endless joy and learning. 

Tickit Sensory Wooden Blocks

This sensory game is one of our bestsellers and is perfect for teaching small children about colours, shapes, and textures. These blocks also provide hours of fun and can be used as mini percussion instruments. 

Tickit Sensory Wooden Blocks

Jumini Small Wooden Farm Skittles

Durable, full of colour, and easy to clean, our wooden farm skittles are a non-stop hoot for younger children and they help them to hone their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. 

Nursery Rhymes Finger Puppets

Our beautiful interactive nursery rhymes encourage singing and creativity from a young age. Complete with a fully illustrated hardback book, this activity will create memories for parents and children that last a lifetime.

Tickit Soft Safe Mirror Tray

Our acrylic mirror is entirely surrounded by soft EVA sponge foam providing young children with something they can use in observation, role play, and self-reflection. Can also be used indoors or outdoors as a mini observation arena, a small world environment, and as a wall mirror.

Toys for Two Year Olds

The so-called ‘terrible twos’ are upon you but not to worry, it’s just an indicator that your toddler is developing their own sense of self and understanding. Keep reading to see our favourite toys for this exciting age group!

Jumini Traffic Lacing Game

This game is perfect for encouraging young children to play together and share. It is also very beneficial for improving concentration and fine motor skills, helping with writing and many other daily activities, like getting dressed and arts and crafts.

Jumini Traffic Lacing Game

Jumini Foldaway Farm House

Some toys are a right of passage for children and this farmhouse is one thing they can’t live without. The set can also be folded away with the pieces inside to help prevent any farm animals from getting left behind.

Mixaroo Cuddly Toy

Gift your toddler a Mixaroo and let them mix and match soft parts and pieces to create their own huggable friend. Mixaroo was developed in collaboration with paediatric therapy experts and is ideal for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and building key Early Learning skills including fine motor skills and problem-solving.

LR Jumbo Farm Animals

Perfect for little hands and imaginative play, our seven farm animals make great friends and learning companions. Proven to improve imagination, problem-solving, understanding of the world, communication and motor skills.

Jumini Ramp Racer

A game full of fun and excitement, our ramp racer is the only toy that your mini car enthusiast needs. There is an endless amount of fun to be had with the brightly coloured cars, zooming from the top level all the way down and back again. 

Jumini Ramp Racer

LR Bears in Pairs 1st Game

Hide and seek takes an adorable twist with this hands-on memory match game. Hide an animal in each compartment of the colourful barn playset and close each door. Then, take turns opening a door to find a match. 

Bears in Pairs supports STEM learning and helps to develop visual discrimination and matching skills critical for early reading and maths.

Toys for Three Year Olds

Different toys come with different benefits both developmentally and in terms of fun! Here are our favourites for your three-year-olds who seem ready to take on the world. 

Connetix 100pcs Creative Pack

Sparking hours of limitless creativity, fun and unstructured play, our 100-piece creative pack will bring imaginations to life. As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow with your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex

Coding Critters® Bopper, Hip & Hop

Encourage your kids to listen and play on these interactive coding adventures. Code Bopper to find carrots, pull them along in her garden cart, and hang out with her two adorable bunny friends, Hip and Hop. 

LR Design and Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket

Watch as your kids build their dream rocket using our real child-friendly tools and help their buddies blast off into space. Great for encouraging creativity and problem solving, you can gift your little astronaut with hours of fun. You can also keep the packaging that unfolds to become a unique reusable game for even more imaginative play.

LR Design and Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket

LR Primary Science Lab Set

Need we say more? Let you crazy scientists experiment with this thrilling surprise. The full-colour wipe-clean activity cards feature easy experiments that can be done at home or in the classroom. Introduce your nutty professors to the world of chemistry through play.

Way to Play Flexible Roads - EXPRESSWAY 

Turn off the devices and offer up some fun that requires imagination and creativity. Encourage your kids to use their hands and build an expressway that twists and turns any way they wish. Our Way to Play kit offers up hours of activity and is a fun way to learn and enhance hand-eye coordination. 

There’s no way you can be stuck for ideas now right? Well, if you are or have any questions just get in touch and we’ll introduce you to the endless possibilities available at Discovery Playtime. 

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