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Information, ideas, toys, resources and inspiration to help your child learn through play.


  • Learning at the Farm

    Learning at the Farm

    'Okay everyone, this week we will be learning about the farm. Who can tell me something about the farm? 'How many times have we as teachers introduced a new theme like this? You sit around at circle time and talk about how there's a farm in paw patrol and sing Old McDonald and then you go on to creating farm activities....
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  • Dinosaurs are Roarsome!

    Dinosaurs are Roarsome!

    Messy play, outdoor fun and sensory art with your little dinosaurs. Send us photos / tag discovery playtime on social media if you try any of these!
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  • Outdoor Play: Games, Learning and Resources

    Outdoor Play: Games, Learning and Resources

    The biggest mistake parents or teachers can make is to use outdoor play as a treat or a prize for good behaviour. Outdoor play is a necessity. Every single child needs to play outside every single day whenever possible, even...

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  • All about sensory play

    All about sensory play

    WHAT IS SENSORY PLAY? SENSORY: through the senses (you can touch it, smell it, see it, hear it or taste it) PLAY: a fun activity that you want to do because you like it and it’s interesting to you SENSORY...

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  • What Can I Do At Home With My Toddler?

    What Can I Do At Home With My Toddler?

    KEEP YOUR TODDLER BUSY AT HOME Being at home 24/7 with your toddler can be overwhelming. Children (especially at that age) need to play outside every day to move, explore and release some of their energy. To get through this...

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