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Our Top 10 Gift Guide for 3 Year Olds

Our Top 10 Gift Guide for 3 Year Olds

Discovery Playtime gift guide for children from 3 years is here!  You will find here our favourite toys to support your child’s development. When you are choosing a toy, you can ask yourself: do I just want my child to be entertained with this toy, or do I also want them to learn while they are having fun? Do I want a toy that will be played for one day, or do I want a good quality toy that will last for years and grow with the child?

If you want more than just entertainment for your child, Discovery Playtime is your shop. We have selected every single toy that provides that extra learning and fun and we have made sure that the quality of each item is exceptional.


It’s a mix between playdough and kinetic sand. It is gluten free and taste safe (but not edible). You can mould it like playdough and also stretch it and break it up like kinetic sand. It doesn’t stick everywhere and you can easily clean it up. The best thing about mad mattr is that IT NEVER DRIES OUT! We have a huge selections of sets available. You can choose between mad mattr on its own, mad mattr with a brick maker (make lego-like bricks) or mad mattr playsets.

Mad Mattr


Award winning magnetic tiles, perfect for all children from the age of 3. The 62pcs or 100pcs sets are perfect to get started and you can add on any other sets as kids grow. The motion set is a good one too for starters or as an addition to your collection. Take your imagination to a whole new level and turn these tiles into a castle, a spaceship, a cave, money, a playhouse… anything your child wants and needs. Great for sharing between siblings of different ages too.



Create stories and engage in interesting conversations with these beautifully designed finger puppets. Puppets are great to help kids develop communication and learn new vocabulary through play and interaction. They are also a fantastic resource to allow kids to express their emotions and feelings as they play and talk to the puppets. Discover our collection of puppets for all ages!


Playing games always creates the best memories. Games can also support the child’s school learning as they feel challenged and motivated to learn with others. When choosing a game, make sure it is age appropriate and challenging for your child, but not too difficult or they will feel frustrated. Even if a game comes with instructions, we can always make up our own to make it easier and more engaging for the child, or they could even come up with their own rules!



Children practice what they know when they play. They might have seen something at home, in school, at the doctor’s office, etc. that’s interesting to them and they create their own ideas around it. Play allows them to investigate their feelings and practice new vocabulary. So many adults learn by explaining things. We can read about something, but it is only when we try to explain it that we organize our ideas and make sense of it. Play offers that opportunity to children. Pretend play is the copy of the real world through a play activity (dolls house, doctor play, cooking with playdough, etc.).


Support your child’s learning with resources that are good quality, fun, educational and engaging. Mix these resources with sensory materials (water, sand, rice, lentils, etc.) and create a fun experience for children to learn while building words, matching sounds and practicing letters. 


Turn maths into a fun game with any of these educational resources! Help your child grow a love for logic, numbers, colours and shapes  by creating a positive experience with maths from day one



Water play can be so relaxing and self-regulating. When kids are in a calm environment like a bath full of warm water, it is much easier for their imagination to take off, as well as to concentrate on what they are doing. When imagination takes over, every other skill will follow! They will create stories as they play and focus on each toy.



Unique and fun resources to encourage your child to become more creative. We know not all kids enjoy art and it can feel a bit frustrating for some if they haven’t had good experiences with it. Providing resources like these will help them grow their love for artistic experiences and, the most important thing, to be able to express their own emotions and ideas through art and creativity.

Creative art


It is never too early to start working on your emotional well-being. Helping kids to name, understand and express their emotions through play can be so beneficial for their development. When you understand your feelings you will feel less frustrated and this will help you become a more resilient, confident and positive person. We have a great selection of toys that will help your child understand and deal with their emotions.


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