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Christmas Gift Guide for 1-6 year olds

Christmas Gift Guide for 1-6 year olds

With Christmas coming around it can become overwhelming when it comes to choosing an appropriate gift for a child. You want to get them something that is developmentally appropriate, can challenge them and you of course want them to love it.   Here at Discovery Playtime we believe in fun, educational, open-ended, quality toys that can grow with your child and their ever-changing interests. We compiled our top 3 toys for children from 1-6 years to make this gift giving season better for you.

Jumni Rainbow Wobbly Stacker

This classic ethically sourced wooden stacker is the perfect gift for any one year old. You can build, stack, sort, knock down the tower and so much more.  There is so much learning that can happen with this open-ended toy such as: 

  • Hand-eye co-ordination 
  • Learning and sorting colours and size 
  • Develops concentration and persistence 
  • Communication

Jumini Rainbow Wobbly Stacker

Nursery Rhyme Puppets Story Set

This beautiful gift set comes with a fully illustrated book of nursery rhymes and 6 finger puppets, all displayed in a decorative box. Our nursery rhyme story set is the perfect way to gift a family quality time where they can explore the songs and stories through the puppets and with the guide of the book. Or you can even begin to make up your own nursery rhymes and stories using the puppets as props.
These toys promote:

  • Communication and memory skills

  • Hand-eye co-ordination

  • Quality time

  • Exploring through the senses

Nursery Rhymes Finger Puppets

Bigjigs Wooden Rainmaker

Our Bigjigs wooden rainmaker is made from high quality, responsibly sources materials. This rainmaker is the perfect gift for any baby or toddler as it can be easily stored and carried for entertainment on the go.
From turning the rainmaker over to hear the crashing sound of the beads, to watching the cascading rainbow colours fall down babies can get so much fun and learning such as:

  • Encourages independence

  • Sensory experience- touch, taste, sight, sound, smell

  • Encourages memory and repetition

  • Learn colours and shapes

Bigjigs Wooden Rainmaker

Jumini Foldaway Zoo (Safari) Set

This Jumini Foldaway play set is a durable and portable play set perfect for busy toddlers. You can fold down the case to reveal the exciting animals inside, when it's time to go you just close the case and the magnets will hold it all with the animals inside for quick tidy up. Children can use their imagination to pretend they are a zoo keeper minding all the animals or they can role-play each wild animal as if they were wild on a safari adventure.
There are so many skills children can develop from this toy such as:

  • Independence and autonomy

  • Responsibility (for the animals and the play set)

  • Communication- learning about the animals

  • Gross and fine motor skills

Jumini Foldaway Safari Set

Tickit Sensory Wooden Blocks

Our best selling tickit sensory wooden blocks are a must have in every household. These multipurpose blocks can be used for building, as musical instruments, stencils to draw around and so much more, the possibilities are endless. Each block has a different colour and texture inside the acrylic pockets to create the ultimate sensory experience.
While using these blocks children can develop:

  • Spacial awareness

  • Persistence (while building, stacking or sorting)

  • Communication- shapes, colours, textures, sounds, smells

  • Imagination and curiosity

Tickit Sensory Wooden Blocks

LR Jumbo Farm Animals

7 large animals that can be found on a farm and perfect for little hands. These jumbo animals are suitable for children from 18 months and can be used continuously throughout their years during pretend play. Children can set up and run their own farmyard, pretend to be each animal and act out their role, work through any ideas they have by creating problems to solve for the animals.
Adding these animals into a child's playroom can promote:

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Story-telling and social skills

  • Problem-solving and resilience

  • Empathy and caring for others

LR Jumbo Farm Animals

Connetix Creative Pack

Connetix Creative Pack is a great introduction into magnetic tile play for any child who loves to create, make and build. These beautiful and durable colourful shaped pieces contain magnets that snap together with a strong connection to open infinite possibilities to stack, build and connect structures such as houses, rockets, walls, puzzles, farms and so much more. Connetix can grow with your child as there are expansion packs that can be added such as a ball-run, car pack, base plates and so much more.
Each time a child uses Connetix they will develop:

  • Problem solving skills and perseverance

  • Mathematical skills such as spacial awareness, predicting, height, weight, length, etc

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Gross and fine motor skills and dexterity (pre-writing skills)

Connetix Creative Pack

Way to Play Roads - 24pcs

Way to Play Roads are durable and flexible roads that are created in Europe to foster children's creativity and open them up their world of possibilities. These versatile roads can be used indoors and outdoors, you can stick them to the side of your bath tub or window with a small bit of water, they are easily cleaned with soap and water so you can build roads through muck, sand or grass and never worry.
Way to Play flexible roads promote:

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Hand- eye co-ordination
  • Team work and social skills
  • Resilience and determination which will lead to good self-esteem and being proud of their creation.

Way to play flexible roads


Our best selling Happy Hopperz are a fan favourite of both children and adults alike. Our inflatable bouncy hopperz come in 6 different characters- Purple Dino, Gold Giraffe and Green Dragon (Pink cow coming soon). Created with children in mind these character hoppers are created with ears and horns to hold on to while they're feet are free to do all the bouncing.
Great for indoor and outdoor use to use up all that endless energy while also developing:

  • Core muscles
  • Balance control
  • Spacial awareness and co-ordination
  • Autonomy and independence

Happy Hopperz

Just Blocks City - Medium Pack

Give the gift of possibilities to your child this Christmas with our Just Blocks City Pack. Containing 160 pieces of flat, cube and stick blocks both printed with city designs and plain these blocks create an open space for a child to imagine and build their own world with no pre-conceptions or worries. While building with these multi-shaped blocks children can build their own city structures while building their STEM skills.
While using Just Blocks children will develop:

  • Self-esteem and confidence in their ability to create projects
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity
  • Concentration and perseverance at a task
  • Imagination and creativity

Just Blocks City

LR Jumbo Dinosaurs Set

Every child loves the wonder and awe of dinosaurs that used to live on our planet years and years ago. Our Jumbo dinosaurs are a great introduction to the exploration of dinosaurs from the pre-historic era. Our sets come with 5 different dinosaurs which are durable and well made with a wipe clean exterior which means they can get messy in the sand, muck or water and can be easily cleaned before returning them indoors to continue the fun.
Jumbo dinosaur sets will promote:

  • Curiosity and wonder in children to find out more about these animals
  • Communication- learning lots of new vocabulary
  • Dexterity and movement
  • Imagination and creativity to bring these extinct creatures back into the world

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs Set

Ezri Role Play Cooking Studio

This Erzi Role Play Cooking Studio is double sided with a hot plate oven on one side, flip it over and it transforms into a barbecue grill. Opening a world of many role play possibilities such as playing house, camping, owning a restaurant and so much more. Add in some play food, real recycled food cartons or even make your own for an all round family experience.
This role play studio promotes:

  • Autonomy and responsibility of cooking and caring for oneself and other people
  • Decision-making and confidence
  • Imagination to create recipes
  • Communication and social skills will serving the whole family

Ezri Hotplate & Grill

Lanka Kade Town Toy World

This Town themed play scene is the perfect addition to any community play. Featuring popular high street shops and services; Toy shop, Sweet shop, Cafe, Pet shop, Hairdressers, Chemist, Book shop, Supermarket, Bus Station and Museum, this toy world brings the hustle and bustle of a town centre to life. Add in any small world figures or animals to create the ultimate role play experience.
Throughout their play children will develop:

  • Self-regulation while using the characters to help work through their own stresses and worries
  • Ample opportunities independent play as well as group play
  • Sense of community- place for their family to be represented
  • Communication through story telling and problem-solving

Lanka Kade Town Toy World


Didicar is a unique, self-propelled ride on toy for children and adults alike. Features no pedals, motors, batteries or greasy chains, riders just simply turn the wheel left and right and the didicar will begin to move. Why not try didicar races and obstacles courses for a fun packed day. Comes in 5 colours; red, pink, green, teal and yellow.
This fun and durable toy promotes:

  • Gross motor movements
  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Self-regulation

Didicar the self-propelled ride on toy

Bigjigs Table Top Theatre

Create special family moments with our table top theatre. Generously sized to sit on a table to allow the children to stand or sit behind it to put on an amazing show. You can add our friendly puppets to your performance or make your own with colourful socks or leftover fabric. Even the adults can have a go.
While using this table top theatre children will develop:

  • Confidence in their ability to speak and perform
  • Higher order thinking skill to create new shows and songs
  • Freedom to express themselves and find what they like
  • Memory and recall skills

Showtime Table Top Puppet Theatre

Mad Mattr Tool Box

Mad mattr is a gluten free, non-toxic, super-soft modelling compound that NEVER dries out to give you an ongoing sensory experience!! You can press it, mould it, knead it, stretch it, squeeze it, paint it, sculpt it, float it, sink it or just pull it slow and watch it flow. This tool box comes with 20 brick building tools to create different sized and shaped bricks which can sit together to create houses, walls, pyramids and so much more. Watch your child create a proud sense of self while creating their own bricks to build whatever their heart desires.
This mad matter tool kits promotes many skills such as:

  • Hand- eye co-ordination and dexterity
  • Self-regulation and autonomy
  • A positive sense of self
  • Problem-solving

Mad Mattr Tool Box

Connetix 92pcs Ball Run Expansion Pack

This Connetix 92 pcs Ball Run Pack can be used on it's own or as an exciting extension to any previously owned Connetix Pack. Reignite a child's love for creating and building by giving them the challenge of the Ball Run. This pack comes with 6 rainbow balls, S-bend tubes, stair tubes and split tubes for the ultimate ball race course possibilities.
Along with the endless creating possibilities this ball run also promotes endless development such as:

  • Problem-solving skills and perseverance to create a working ball run course
  • Higher order thinking skills such as planning, predicting and analyzing
  • Team work
  • Mathematical skills such as, height, length, weight, shapes and much more.

Connetix Ball Run Expansion Pack

Recycle Me Craft Sets

Recycle me crafts were created to encourage children to see the wonder in everyday items and to encourage us to repurpose items when we can instead of just throwing them away. Each set comes with instructions and materials to create between 5-8 new inventions with materials you would find in your recycling bin such as egg cartons, kitchen roll tubes and bottles. We have 5 sets to choose from to suit your child interests; Garden box, Jungle, Vehicles, Fairytales, Games.
While also having lots of fun, these sets will promote:

  • An awareness to care for their environment
  • Creativity with the option of instructions for guidance
  • Autonomy of using their own inventions
  • Social skills and quality moments

Recycle me crafts

These are only some of our favourite toys for each age group. If you are interested in exploring some more you can use our Shop By Age tab or you can get in touch with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them.

Happy Playing!!


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