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BUSY BAGS for travelling with kids

BUSY BAGS for travelling with kids

We all know kids can be quite impatient when travelling in the car, waiting in a restaurant, or visiting a family member who has no toys in the house. The best way to avoid frustration for the child but also for the whole family is to be prepared, so everyone can enjoy the adventure. Preparing busy bags in advance for your child will solve this problem wherever you go!

What is a busy bag?

A busy bag is an easy-to-carry container (ziplock bag, lunchbox, zipped storage bag, small box with lid…) that contains one single activity for the child. It is age appropriate and mess free so it can be used in any venue whenever you need it. When the child is finished with that activity, it can be stored back in the bag and put away. We recommend preparing a few different bags but giving one at a time so it’s not overwhelming. If they have them all at once, they will just want to see what is inside of them all and that will defeat the purpose.


 When can you use a busy bag?

In the car, waiting rooms in doctors, on the airport and airplane, visiting grandparents, in a restaurant waiting for food, at the hotel between activities…

Some notes:

  • Remember if travelling on a plane liquids or playdough is restricted to 100ml and it needs to go through security.
  • Do not add anything too messy so it doesn’t cause any extra stress cleaning up.
  • Add activities your child can do independently, nothing too complicated.
  • Prepare them in advance but don’t let them see them so they’re new when you need them, and the WOW factor will keep them busy for longer because they haven’t seen it before.
  • You will find lots of ideas for busy bags on pinterest, click here to discover them!

Busy bags for kids under 3 years

  • Velcro stickers
  • Large threading pieces
  • Fishing games
  • Chunky crayons
  • Book and finger puppets

Busy bags for kids 3+ years

  • Stickers
  • Matching objects
  • Colouring
  • Playdough
  • Lego
  • I spy games
  • Spelling games
  • Threading beads with pipe cleaners

Click here to discover Discovery Playtime toys for busy bags

Click here to discover Discovery Playtime best toys for travelling with kids

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