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5 St Patrick’s Day Activities

5 St Patrick’s Day Activities

1. St Patrick’s themed tuff tray

Use your resources to create a fun sensory tray. The colours and textures are the main feature when it comes to a themed sensory play activity for Paddy’s day. When we are setting up a tray (whatever the theme might be) we need 4 items: containers and fine motor tools, figures, something to build with and a sensory base. You can pick any containers (bowls, bottles, a box, cups…), any fine motor tools (scoops, droppers, spoons…), building items (blocks, lego, magnetic tiles, cardboard…), figures (your child’s favourite characters, or anything related to the theme like a rainbow, people, etc.) and a sensory base:

  • Orange: orange lentils, orange cereal, orange dyed rice or pasta
  • Green: leaves, grass, green dyed rice or pasta, dry green peas
  • White: flour, cornflour with water (gloop), plain rice, white shredded paper

2. Paddy’s day decorations

  • Create a beautiful space with a rainbow on the window with our Stabilo 3in1 markers.
  • Draw a giant shamrock on the tuff tray with our green chalk marker and fill it in with rice or pasta shapes, or with our super fun magic sand. Great activity to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, attention to detail and focus.
  • Develop creativity with handprints and rainbow painting using our safe and easy to wash water based paint.

    3. Indoor or outdoor treasure hunt

    Can you find 10 green items? Or White, or Orange? Pick up a bucket and start your hunt now! Can you create a rainbow with them? This hunt can be indoors or outdoors. Perfect for movement, attention to detail, colour recognition and self-esteem. Our translucent buckets are great for all type of treasure hunts and colour sorting activities.

    4. Facepainting celebrations

    Facepainting is just another word for celebrations, and what is St Patrick’s day without a party? We stock a great selection of high quality face paint materials that are safe and suitable for all children from Snazaroo and Jovi (all tried, tested and loved everywhere we go!).

    5. Irish symbols memory game

    What Irish symbols can relate to St Patrick’s day? Here are some ideas: a rainbow, a leprechaun’s hat, a pot of gold, a shamrock, a green t-shirt, a beer (maybe we will skip that one!), music… Children can draw these pictures and also write down the words. Cut them out, place them on the table facing down and try to match the word with the picture.
    You could also create a story together using these words. Simply place the pictures the same way on the table facing down, pick up one picture and start telling a story about it. Next person picks up another pictures and continues the story. The story will change each time you play! And why not using our Stabilo 3in1 pencils to draw these pictures here as well!

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